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Sweet Online

Learn to make delicious raw desserts from the comfort of your home.

A Certificate in Essential Raw Plant Based Desserts Online Deliciously Raw Culinary School


The 10 day programme starts on Monday 12th September.
Sweet Online remains open until Saturday 12th November 2016.

A 10 module virtual learning in making the most delicious and decadent raw plant-based desserts, that look just like the ones you see in the patisserie shop – just with a food processor and a decent blender (and optional dehydrator/oven).

Everyone knows that eating a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruit, and low in refined sugars and dairy laden foods, is better for your health and your waistline. But what if you really love your food – especially desserts and sweet treats? There is a way you can enjoy desserts and sweet treats that you never thought possible.

Sweet OnlineHave you ever pressed your nose up against the window of the patisserie shop longingly but known that those foods won’t make you feel good after you’ve eaten them?

Have you devoured your favourite pudding, only to feel guilt and remorse afterwards?

Have you wondered how you can encourage your family to eat more fruit and vegetables but in a way that doesn’t cause any issue or mealtime arguments?

Well, instead of telling yourself what you can and can’t eat, why not learn to make delicious desserts with all of the guilt free good stuff such as raw fruit, nuts, coconut, seeds and even vegetables? It sounds strange but you can learn to make decadent cakes, delicious cookies, incredible ice creams and even tantalising tarts that taste and look just like the ones you see in the patisserie shop - just with a food processor and a decent blender. The difference is that these desserts are full of good things that don’t spike your blood sugars like dairy and gluten laden dessert can. They are plant based, dairy free and gluten free – and also raw so all the nutrition is well and truly left in.
All recipes are dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly
Raw foods are becoming more and more popular. From the ‘must have’ spiralizer gadget to chia seeds for breakfast and coconut water, it seems that more and more people are becoming aware that a diet rich in plant based foods is a great idea to help us look and feel better.However, there is so much more you can do than spiralize a courgette.

Imagine being about to make delicious desserts such as creamy cheesecakes, dreamy key lime pie and show-stopping ice cream sundaes, cookies and strawberry tarts.

Is it really possible to eat all these raw yet they taste truly like a decadent dessert? Yes it is. You will be amazed at what you can make with little more than a blender and food processor. Sweet has lots of tips, techniques, recipes and guidance to show you how.

Meet your Trainer

The training will be led by Deborah Durrant, a qualified chef in advanced raw and living cuisine. Deborah combined her interests as a lifelong passionate foodie with a keen interest in a raw plant-based diet to found the Deliciously Raw Culinary School. After working in the creative sector for 25 years she followed her dream to train as a chef at the Matthew Kenney Culinary School and wants to break the myth that raw food is about eating boring salad and show you can enjoy fabulously indulgent food with many nutritional benefits.

Deborah holds a Masters degree in Change Skills from the University of Surrey. This may seem surprising but this is at the heart of Deborah’s practice as a chef and trainer. With every healthy plant-based bite that we eat, we are committing to making a change to our health and wellbeing.

All modesty aside, if you’ve tried any of my recipes already you’ll know that everything I make is delicious first and raw second. If you haven’t tried any of my recipes, you can try any of the free recipes on my website to get a flavour (sorry, no pun intended) of the kind of food I make. Since 2005, I tried to eat a high raw diet, but I kept returning to my most favourite cooked foods. What changed things for me was learning how to make the most amazing and delicious raw foods that taste so good that people don’t even think about the fact that they are raw.I pride myself on making raw twists on cooked classics, and my family and friends prefer the raw foods I make, finding them much more satisfying and full of flavour. I have also developed 8 course raw tasting menus for pop ups and other events and had the pleasure of being a personal chef for private fine dining clients.

I trained as a Chef with Matthew Kenney Culinary in the US (previously named 105 degrees), and I am a Qualified Chef in Advanced Raw and Living Cuisine. I am one of very few people in the world to have completed Matthew’s Professional Applications programme. What that means for you is that I can teach you some pretty cool techniques. If you don’t know Matthew, he founded Pure Food and Wine in New York and MAKE in Santa Monica, and currently has Plant Food and Wine in Venice, CA, White Lotus Miami and The Gothic in Belfast Maine. I worked at the Gothic in Maine after my training and can also bring to our work the experience of a professional kitchen. Matthew also has a string of raw food books to his credit. I really am proud to say that I have trained with the best.

"Deborah Durrant's patience and generosity of spirit shine through on all the courses she offers. She finds a way to share her immeasurable wealth of knowledge in a way that is easy to understand no matter what level you are at on your raw food journey - beginner or advanced. She thoroughly understands her subject and imparts it in a way that can be transferred and applied very practically in your own life. She doesn't just teach 'recipes' she trains you to know what ingredients and components are needed to recreate your favourite cooked dishes - she instils you with the knowledge, knowhow and intelligence to go forth and start creating - rather than just copying. Her teaching style is light hearted and well thought out and she layers information to make sure it is easily retained. A true inspiration. I highly recommend her courses" Jo Helesfay-Evans | www.InnerLightHolistics.com

Sweet is a step by step online programme which provides you with all the skills and technical know-how you need to make your own healthy raw desserts and treats.

The majority of the desserts on the programme just use a blender and a food processor, but if you are feeling adventurous some of the recipes use a dehydrator (and alternative methods for using a freezer or oven are provided). If you have had limited use from your dehydrator or haven’t yet got it out the box ( you know who you are), then you might be interested to learn how to make chocolate tea bread in it and candied nuts.

Over 10 delicious modules, the Sweet Intensive covers:

The essentials of setting up your raw desserts pantry

A guide to the raw desserts equipment requirements

How to make unctuous custards, mousses and parfaits

Creating your own cookies and teabreads

Making tantalising tarts and pies that look just like you have bought them from a high end patisserie

Cheeky little cheesecakes and delices that are freezer friendly so you can have them on hand whenever you need them

Incredible ice creams and frozen desserts – plus essential tips for the creamiest ice cream.

Speciality sponge cakes such as chocolate hazelnut layer cake

Scrumptious bars and slices which are perfect for lunch boxes and ‘in between’ snacks.

Fabulous finishing touches to add the grand finale WOW factor to your dessert

Throughout the programme, you will learn the fundamentals of making desserts and sweet treats, over 30 different recipes and lots of techniques – plus you will have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned to create your own delicious dessert at the end of the programme.A Certificate in Essential Plant Based Raw Desserts approved by The Vegetarian Society will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the programme. To achieve this, each participant will be required to complete assignments and upload photographs of their work throughout the programme - and to have completed all of the assignments by the end of sweet.

Module One

Setting up your raw dessert kitchen

  • Getting organized
  • Essential and useful equipment for your raw desserts pantry
  • What to keep in your raw desserts pantry and how to store it

Module Two

The building blocks of creating raw desserts and tea time treats

  • Measurement conversions
  • Understanding the range of raw ingredients including flours, sweeteners and setting agents
  • How to make date paste for sweetening raw desserts
  • How to make buckwheatsicles* for adding crunch
  • How to make almond butter
  • How to make oat flour
  • How to make candied nuts*

Module Three

Creating your own cookies and teabreads

  • Almond and raisin cookies*
  • Creating your own cookie*
  • Cappuccino brownies* with white chocolate icing

Module Four

Tantalising Tarts and Crème Patisserie

  • Sweet pastry crust and hazelnut crust
  • Fruit patisserie tarts
  • Pecan pie
  • Lemon meringue pie
  • Banana and butterscotch tart
  • Chocolate hazelnut tart

Module Five

Quick and easy nut free desserts

  • Coconut yoghurt
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Summer berry mousse
  • Blackberry, coconut and lime layered parfait

Module Six

Cheesecakes and Delices

  • Chocolate brownie and raspberry cheesecake
  • Key lime pie
  • Berry ripple cheesecake
  • Mint chocolate cheesecake

Module Seven

The art of making dairy free ice creams, palate cleansing sorbets and frozen desserts

  • The art of making a creamy dairy free ice cream
  • Neopolitan ice cream
  • Ice cream sandwich cookies
  • Pina colada granite
  • Kulfi
  • Cherry yoghurt ice pops
  • Ice cream sundae with chocolate and caramel sauce with candied nuts

Module Eight

Speciality Sponge Cakes

  • How to create a flavoured finishing syrup
  • How to create an icing you can pipe onto a cake
  • Raspberry and pistachio ice cream cake
  • Chocolate hazelnut layer cake
  • Mango and passion fruit sponge
  • Red velvet cake

Module Nine

Snack bars and slices

  • Almond butter snack bars
  • Crunchy chocolate hemp toffee bars
  • Apricot streusel slice

Module Ten

Creating your own delicious dessert

  • Key Elements of plating for show-stopping presentation
  • How to create your own delicious and decadent raw dessert

The programme recipes include

  • Cookie recipes, guidance on developing your own cookies and cappuccino brownies – the perfect accompaniment to a warming drink.
  • Sweet pastry crusts and mixed fruit tarts which will look like you’ve been to a high end patisserie
  • Pies such as pecan pie and lemon meringue pie
  • Banana and butterscotch tart
  • Creamy cheesecakes including mint chocolate, key lime, berry ripple, white chocolate raspberry brownie
  • The art of making a dairy free ice creams, speciality ice creams such as neapolitan ice cream and kulfi
  • Creating ice cream sundaes, sauces and glossy fruit sauces and candied nuts
  • Refreshing piña colada granite and cherry yoghurt ice pops
  • Ice cream sandwich cookies for children and other treats for grown-ups
  • Delicious cakes such as raspberry and pistachio ice cream cake and chocolate hazelnut layer cake with espresso foam
  • Almond butter snack bars and crunchy chocolate toffee bars which are perfect for lunch boxes
  • …and more…

What's included in the programme?

TEN DELICIOUS MODULES WITH DOWNLOADABLE MATERIALS You will also be able to upload your assignments and receive feedback from Chef Deborah throughout the programme. FACEBOOK FORUM: CONNECT TO OTHER TRAINEES & CHEF DEBORAH Join our raw foodie community and have access to the SWEET FACEBOOK FORUM where you can chat, swap ideas and ask questions of Chef Deborah and other participants. A DIGITAL HIGH RESOLUTION FULL COLOUR CERTIFICATE IN ESSENTIAL RAW PLANT BASED PASTRY ARTS on successful completion of the assignments and programme.
I have been to two of Deborah Durrant’s excellent raw classes. Having previously eaten at raw food restaurants across the USA and UK, I knew how strikingly delicious raw food could be but had no idea about how to prepare it. I am not a vegan, or even a vegetarian, but since attending Deborah’s classes I have made raw brownies, yoghurt, various nut “milks”, chocolate bars and an astonishing chocolate mousse - all in my small kitchen and without using traditional cooking methods. All of these were vegan and absolutely delicious. Deborah is an excellent tutor and I would recommend her classes to anyone who would like to learn or sharpen raw “cooking” skills.” Mark Billinge

How do I know if Sweet is right for me?

Sweet is suitable for anyone who wants to make healthier teatime treats and desserts to impress and wow their friends and family or if you already know the basics of raw food and want to expand your repertoire and show just how fabulous raw food can really be.

The chances are that you have already invested in your health to a significant degree, whether it’s time and energy in learning how to eat healthily, money in experimenting with different raw foods and recipes that may or may not have worked out, or paying for weight loss programs or treatments for health issues that you’d really rather do without.

You may experience mealtimes as a battle ground with your family as you try and move them away from refined sugars or encourage them to eat more fresh fruit and veg.

Experimentation can be costly in many ways, and the last thing you want is to spend hours making recipes that don’t taste good, or wasting a lot of money on ingredients that you just don’t use.

Without proper planning, raw food can become a very expensive affair!

With Sweet, you can learn how to make delicious raw desserts in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Whether you’re new to raw foods, experienced and stuck in a raw food rut, or whether you need some new delicious raw dessert inspiration, Sweet will provide you with amazingly delicious dessert recipes and useful technical know-how so you can introduce a whole new range of raw desserts to your life… that will give you a sense of eating something truly delicious – without the negative impact that many cooked desserts have on your body and with all of the nutritiousness and deliciousness left well-and-truly in!

The dessert is the last impression that anyone has of a meal – let’s make it count.

"Deborah is not only teaching us to make DELICIOUS recipes, but we are learning to create our own "signature" recipes... Well she's showing us how to be a Chef, not only a "cook”! I just LOVED both training DESSERTS & FEAST Count on me for level II!” Carole Zuccatti | Geneva, Switzerland | www.cours-cuisine-geneve.ch

Secure your place today..

The 10 day programme starts on Monday 29th February.
Sweet Online remains open until Saturday 30th April 2016. Pre programme sign-up fee is £147 (approximately $200 USD – conversion rate varies)

"For anyone who is looking to take their raw food recipes to the next level, whether for personal gratification alone (and of course impressing friends and family) or for high-level professional development, then Deborah is one of just a very few people in the UK I would wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation.” Karen Knowler | The Raw Food Coach | www.therawfoodcoach.com

Refund Policy: Since Sweet is a non-tangible irrevocable product, I do not issue a refund once you have had access to the online materials. The right to cancel your participation in Sweet ends once you have accessed the online product. By accessing this information you will have utilised my services and your right to cancel will have ended. If you require technical support to access the programme , please email [email protected] In exceptional circumstances, online participation in Sweet can be paused and resumed at a later date, in a future programme. If you need to pause your participation, please email stating your full name to [email protected]

I look forward to seeing you. Deliciously yours, DebSig
Learning to cook in a new way, I’ve taken part in several online raw food cooking courses, and wanted to add a new dimension of knowledge to my raw food cooking. From insider Chef’s notes, to cooking tips, to contrasting scrumptious recipes, to the dynamic forum which felt like our Raw Food Chef was at our elbow guiding us.” Philomena, Ottawa, Canada

Photography credit: Dawn Langley

Your Instructor

Deborah Durrant
Deborah Durrant

The training will be led by Deborah Durrant, a qualified chef in advanced raw and living cuisine. Deborah combined her interests as a lifelong passionate foodie with a keen interest in a raw plant-based diet to found the Deliciously Raw Culinary School. After working in the creative sector for 25 years she followed her dream to train as a chef at the Matthew Kenney Culinary School and wants to break the myth that raw food is about eating boring salad and show you can enjoy fabulously indulgent food with many nutritional benefits.

Deborah holds a Masters degree in Change Skills from the University of Surrey. This may seem surprising but this is at the heart of Deborah’s practice as a chef and trainer. With every healthy plant-based bite that we eat, we are committing to making a change to our health and wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the programme work?
Once the programme begins, every day for 10 days you will be given access to a new programme module. You can work through all the activities for each module and submit the assignment online. Once a module has become unlocked, you can move backwards and forwards to complete the tasks and recipes in the order you wish. If, for example, you don’t have time to complete an activity on day 3 you can go back to it and complete it later in the programme. You have a further 28 days to complete the programme and submit your assignments after all the modules have been unlocked.
How much time will the programme take?
I have estimated that the contact time with the food will be up to around 2-3 hours a day for 10 days. That doesn’t allow for setting time or freezing time – much of which allows you to get on with other things whilst the freezer is doing the work. It is so much easier than keeping an eye on the oven! After all the modules are unlocked, you have an additional 30 days to complete the programme and work through any unfinished modules to gain your Essential Raw plant based Pastry Arts Certificate approved by The Vegetarian Society.
Can I download the materials and keep them?
Yes the recipes and guides are fully downloadable and you can refer to them after the course has finished.
I don’t have a blender. Can I still take part in the programme?
The majority of the recipes require a food processor or blender. You will struggle without one. It’s how we achieve such creamy and delicious results. You can take part in the programme but you will be limited in what you make.
I don’t have a dehydrator. Can I still take part in the programme?
Around 3 of the recipes require a dehydrator as a necessity. Another 3 require one as optional. That said, you could use an oven on a low setting or using the freezer instead.
What if I can’t get my hands on some ingredients such as Thai coconut meat?
Generally substitutions can be found. Just ask Deborah what you can use to substitute for any hard to find ingredients.
Do I have to complete the assignments and take part in the programme discussions?
No, you can download the guidance and recipes and work through them at a pace to suit yourself. If you would like to gain your Certificate in Essential Raw Pastry Arts, you will be required to complete the assignments.
There’s a lot of desserts, will I end up with over 30 desserts in a week? I can’t eat that many.
The majority of desserts can be frozen and this is an instance where the freezer will be your friend. Once frozen the desserts will keep for up to 3 months if stored correctly. These desserts also make excellent gifts for friends.
I have a specialist diet. Is the programme suitable for me?
The programme is suitable for those who follow a gluten free, dairy free and vegan diet. Nuts are used on the programme but not peanuts. Also coconut is used.
How is this different from Entice, the 5 day LIVE pastry arts programme?
Entice is the raw pastry chef Level 1 training programme with entirely different recipes and a different prospectus. Entice is also an in depth hands on programme with different techniques – plus you have the Deliciously Raw pantry and equipment to play with throughout the week. If you are thinking about doing Entice, SWEET is an ideal introduction to the world of raw pastry arts.

This course is closed for enrollment.